07 Mai 2015

Live with joy: From primal fear to primal trust (Interview with Dr. Wolf-Richard Nickel from Berlin)

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„What does primal trust mean to you?“
For me, primal trust is the ingrained certainty that everything is good and will end well. Everything that happens in my life is for me, not against me. Everything happens for a reason and promotes my personal development.

„How do I know whether I’m living in fear or trust?“
I believe that there are only two basic motivations in life: fear and joy. People need to know whether their actions are motivated by fear or joy. One cornerstone of the realization is that fear knows only three types of action: fight, flight and play dead or repression. We have all been socialized in fight mode. We were raised that way from birth: „If you don’t achieve this, that or the other, you will be worthless and unloved.“ It follows that we achieve our goals not because we take pleasure in the achievement, but because we fear the loss of love and recognition. Once we realize that fear is our motivation, we are able to transition to being motivated by joy. This kind of motivation knows neither sickness nor wear and tear.

„How can we overcome our fear?“
We see it on TV every day: The world is filled with horrific things such as violence, hunger, loss, loneliness … That is our earthly reality, which frightens us. We all have to experience it. As a practitioner, I see it every day. I think that a spiritual approach can be helpful. The idea that my soul cannot die gives me security. Armed with this knowledge, I can overcome anything. When I suffer a loss, I can learn that nothing is ever truly lost in the universe. One core idea that creates trust for me is this: „I am an immortal, eternally loved soul who is going through an experience. It seems that I want to have this experience, otherwise it wouldn’t be here. So let’s tackle the problem, even if it hurts!“

Dear Wolf, thank you very much. May your work bring you more joy and success!

Dr. Wolf-Richard Nickel is a general practitioner and spiritual healer. He is available for consultations (incl. phone consults). His website:

This is an interview excerpt. You can find the full interview as well as more ideas on the subject of trust in our love lives, financial existence and physical wellbeing in „Rein ins Vertrauen: Wie wir jede Welle im Leben nehmen“ (GOLDMANN Verlag). It is a very personal book, the story of my own journey into trust and of the people I met along the way.

Each person finds their own unique way to a life with trust and confidence. I hope that these insights will inspire you to go and find the path that is right for you!



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